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“3D CONFIGURATORS” are defined as an interactive tool powered by live 3D models to allow customers to personalize products as they want, enabling users to watch their adjustments and receive estimates of the costs based on the customizations, which in the end leads to a more engaging client relationship.

A 3D CONFIGURATOR is implemented in your website or e-shop to place the product on display, and does not require any additional technology, or modification of the existing design.

With this service customers can experience the product from all angles and customize product attributes such as texture, color, and all other components. Customers can watch your product transform in real-time from any device without using plugins.

They can also configure custom designs even if you don’t have those specifics available. Once such a service is implemented, you can boost your eCommerce platform through the power of immersive visualization.

What is Configurable ?

Almost any element of a product can be customized.

Configurable Components


Any part of the product can be replaced with any other.

Configurable Color


Material colors support all physical properties of materials (transparency, reflection, …) 

Configurable Textures


Texture modification is so optimized that regardless of size, it is loaded only at the request of the user.

Configurable Interactions and animations

Interactions and animation

If the product is opened or disassembled, it is possible to make animations accompanied by sound. 

Configurator works ...

works with device

... on any device

Compatible with phones, tablets and desktops.

works with browser

... on any browser

Works on all web browsers without any plugins required.

works with pages

... with existing assets

Any 3D format is supported and fits into any website design.


of 3D Product Configurators…

... for the Customer

– Provide a complete product understanding through interaction
– Enable co- design to match specific or high end needs
– Allow clients to monitor the costs

... for Your Company

– Understand consumer demands and be responsive to market trends
– Save costs in stock and marketing
– Enable a consumer- centric omni-channel experience
– Increase conversion rates and revenues

Results and feedback:


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